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We're simply the leaders of information technology in Somaliland our goal is to provide the latest technology hits to our precious customers whether its a service or the latest computers, laptops, printers, AIO, network devices and much more.

Our services

We provide Software and hardware services alongside with external services, CCTV intallations, Network installations and more.


Hargeisa information technology company has been the leading IT company more than 15 years in both Sales and services in IT field.

Smart solutions

With experience and powerful services, Hargeisa Information Technology defently is the right choice for your next experience whether you buying a device or saking for a service, we'll be there waiting for you.

Latest news

 2019 Somaliland Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture
Our company took apart from the latest Somaliland chamber which the goal was Strive to forge new bonds of commercial cooperation and opportunities between Somaliland and the rest of the world and to make the country a world-class trade market.

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"The home of modern technology in Somaliland."